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Equine Matting

Is Animat Porous?

Animat is completely non-porous for easy cleaning and washout.

Does Animat need gluing down?

For the best outcome with Animat we recommend full adhesion to your substrate. In most cases float floor failures are due to the rubber being bolted and stapled trapping moisture between the floor and rubber resulting in sub base failure.

We recommend a sika-flex due to its elasticity capabilities and strength.

Do I need an installer or can I install Animat myself?

Animat is so easy to maneuver and lay that anyone can install it.

Is Animat anti-slip?

Animat has received the highest test results for non-slip in wet conditions.

What applications an Animat be used in?

Various applications in the equine industry such as horse floats, stables, walking areas, breeze ways, as well as many more in transport, training and livestock industries.