Recreational: Gezoflex EPDM


Gezoflex is a high quality EPDM manufactured in Switzerland and popularly used across the world including Middle East and South Africa that share the same UV radiation as Australia. Its proven climate resistance features makes it a guaranteed component for all your flooring requirements.

  • Excellent resistance towards climatic changes - unaffected by extreme summers or winters - no fear of color fading or frosting
  • Wide range of colour variants available


    • Playground surfacing
    • Splash parks
    • Commercial flooring
    • Pool Surrounds
    • Sporting facilities
    • Arenas
    • Terrace flooring
    • Running tracks
    • Gymnastic facilities

Brief Specifications

Granule Sizes: 1-4mm/0.5-1.5mm
Colour Fastness: See UV resistance documents

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