Recreational: Loxtone


Loxtone polyurethane binders when mixed with stone aggregate creates an affordable, seamless and flexible finish, which is durable, decorative and slip-resistant.

  • Effective for both Commercial and residential applications
  • Available in non yellowing Aliphatic UV stable and a more affordable aromatic non UV stable option
  • Can be mixed with kiln dried stone aggregates and sands of various sizes
  • Excellent spread rates
  • Ready to use within 48 hours of installation
  • Easy to install/use


    Can be used with stone aggregates for the following applications.

    • Commercial and leisure facilities
    • Pedestrian walkway
    • Car park surfacing
    • Showroom flooring
    • Public parks and cycle paths
    • Domestic driveways
    • Tree Surrounds
    • Roof garden flooring
    • Water park flooring

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