Recreational: Roleton


Roleton is a high quality surface rejuvenator that helps retain the color and newness of playground surfaces. It uses a coloured polyurethane that leaves just a thin coating over the top surface.

  • Durable and reliable
  • Low viscosity - retains the original porosity of the surface while sealing off any degraded rubber particles
  • Prevents wearing out of surfaces
  • Can be easily applied using a regular paint roller
  • Roleton is supplied as a dispersed colour pigment in 10kg or 20kg pail (Part B) and is to be combined in equal quantities (ratio 1:1) of Procure polyurethane (Part A) as used with all A1 Rubber wetpour systems and available in 20.5kg pails
  • Though coverage is subject to various surface integrity factors, 1 litre of Roleton can approximately cover 3 square metres.


    • EPDM rubber surface
    • Rubber playground surfaces
    • EPDM top surfaces
    • CSBR top surfaces

Brief Specifications

Colour: Various

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