Recreational: Traqua®


Traqua® is the most innovative wet floor rubber surfacing solution designed for poolside flooring, patios, splash parks/water-theme parks or any place that needs a slip resistant surface. Traqua® employs a close knit network of small EPDM granules that form a durable, porous surface that is applied directly to concrete sub-bases.

  • Most effective slip resistance for wet surfaces
  • Can provide great impact absorption and slip resistance at a layer as thin as 10mm reducing cost when compared to its 15mm and 20mm counterparts.
  • Quick drying time
  • Reduces chances of delamination through hydraulicing
  • Traqua® is specified to be installed with a one in twenty-five gradients increasing water movement across the installation
  • Its simple maintenance program eliminates all issues arising from algae, bacteria or mould.
  • Available in several light pastel colours maintaining the lowest temperature possible to accommodate bare feet and gives a bright, attractive and modern finish.
  • It is recommended that the Traqua® system use Nypol Aliphatic non-yellowing 2 part binder. Nypol has been specially formulated to retain the true vivid colours of EPDM without yellowing which can occur with Aromatic binders.


    • Wet area flooring
    • Rubber pool deck surfacing
    • Water parks
    • Splash park
    • Patio flooring
    • Wet pour safety surfacing
    • Outdoor areas requiring protective wet area surfaces

Brief Specifications

Granule Sizes: 0.5-1.5mm
Colour Fastness: See UV resistance document

Nypol Binder
Colour: Colourless

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