Sports: Courtpave Legends Multisport


Courtpave Legends Multisport is an acrylic surface coating specifically developed for concrete and asphalt surfaces providing the highest level of impact attenuation.

  • Legends Mat provides excellent point elastic deflection
  • Minimises shock attenuation on players' bodies
  • Reduced knee joint stress
  • Optimal comfort for ageing athletic players
  • Excellent non-slip properties suiting all sports and recreational surfaces
  • It is a brilliant combination of acrylic resins, UV resistant oxide pigments, selected reinforcing fillers and fungicides
  • Extraordinary colour retention
  • Fast onsite application and great coverage per unit
  • Decreases surface temperatures, has superior traction and is glare free
  • Reduces fatigue in players
  • Gives the ball an even bounce when played


    • Basketball court flooring
    • Netball court Surfacing
    • Volleyball courts
    • Multipurpose sports halls
    • School sports courts

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