Adhesives & Sealants: PU-KIT


PU-KIT is a high quality two component polyurethane flooring adhesive which is solvent free and particularly suitable for prefabricated granular rubber mats on concrete or asphalt substrates.

  • Long lasting elastic properties
  • Resistance to impact, shocks, vibrations and wear
  • Great storage and transport stability
  • Very easy to use


    It can be used in extreme commercial flooring applications like:

    • Office flooring
    • Gym flooring
    • Nightclub flooring
    • Disco flooring
    • Yoga studio flooring
    • School flooring
    • University flooring
    • Wet area surfacing

Brief Specifications

Colour: Beige/grey
Dry Time: Touch dry 10 hours, foot traffic 16 hours
Application TIme: 25 minutes

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