Recreational: Loxtone


Loxtone resin bound stone surfacing is laid with a kiln-dried stone designed to be used in conjunction with a polyurethane binder to form a permeable stone surfacing, suitable for foot traffic and light vehicular traffic up to 7.5 tonnes (subject to the sub-base construction). Loxtone resin bound stone surfacing is bound with the binder and can be laid at various thicknesses as best suited for the end use application. Loxtone resin bound surfacing may typically be laid on a solid base of concrete, asphalt concrete or compacted road base. The polyurethane binder is available in 2 options, as a non yellowing aliphatic or yellowing aromatic finish.


    Loxtone resin bound stone surfacing can be used for the following applications.

    • Commercial and leisure facilities
    • Pedestrian walkway
    • Car park surfacing
    • Showroom flooring
    • Public parks and cycle paths
    • Domestic driveways
    • Tree Surrounds
    • Roof garden flooring
    • Water park flooring

Brief Specifications

Loxtone Aggregates

Colours: Whitewater, Rockpool, Creek, River Moss
Stone Sizes: 4-6mm, 6-8mm, 4-8mm (River Moss only)
Bag Size: 20kg

Loxtone Binder

Aromatic: Yellowing, 2 part kit, 6.5kg
Aliphatic: Non-yellowing, 2 part kit, 7.5kg
Note: Aliphatic binder requires Qwicure catalyst to cure within 24 hours

Qwicure Catalyst

Size: 250g tin

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