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A1 Rubber’s New Website

Date : 03-10-2014

After months of development and testing, A1 Rubber are proud to announce and launch our new website!

Our new website has taken an interactive approach, in an attempt to let you communicate with our website and quickly be directed the right information, as if you were calling us up on the phone. We hope this new approach will help make our website more user friendly for all target audiences we interact with, including architects and specifiers, contractors, members of the public and end users across our extensive product range. We’d love to receive feedback about our new website design, which you can do by filling out and submitting this form to us.

Another new feature of our website is the inclusion of latest news and the ability for contractors and installers of our products to submit their latest installation news and images to us to publish. We’d not only love to hear about and publish your wonderful installations you’re doing with our products, but we’ll also add your contact details alongside so you get added exposure. To submit an installation you’ve done using our products, simply visit this page, fill out the relevant details and submit to us for publication!

In the coming months we will also be adding a client login side, intended for regular purchasers of our products. The client login will help provide access to relevant data as well as online features such as online wetpour calculations, stock levels and online ordering.

Thank you for reading and we hope using our new website is an enjoyable experience for you.