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A1 Rubber Recycled Crumb

A1 Rubber produces thousands of tonnes per annum of specialised rubber grades for various industry applications. Crumb rubber is derived from tyre rubber and is manufactured from either shredding and granulation or retread buffings.

Aero Shockpads

Used specifically for super efficient playground underlay installations Aero Shockpads are the popular choice by smart contractors looking for guaranteed surface compliance and installation savings. Aero Shockpads have become very popular with thousands of square meters installed under synthetic grass and wetpour rubber playground surfaces every year.

Carnivãle: Colour Fusion

Carnivãle Colour Fusion mixes are pre-blended combinations of different types of rubber granules, providing effective and easy multicolour options. Pre-blended mixes consist of three ranges, Berry, Vista and Shade. Berry mixes are made up of Opal EPDM and CSBR®, Vista mixes are all CSBR®, and Shade mixes are CSBR® and black SBR.

Cova Rubba

Used extensively in Australia for wetpouring various surfacing applications, A1 Rubber’s Cova Rubba can be laid directly over existing concrete or pavers, even if damaged and is great for pathways and patios, is strong enough to support outdoor furniture, buggies and wheelchairs.


Used extensively in Australia for wetpouring various surfacing applications, A1 Rubber’s CSBR® pre-coloured rubber has cleaned up the job environment of trowelling down rubber. No longer do applicators go home covered in oxide. CSBR® virtually eliminates those unsightly colour variations between batches.


Curvedge is the most popular rubber edge on the market, with over 250,000 lineal metres of Curvedges sold since its introduction. With its flowing curves and pre-drilled mounting holes, Curvedges appeal extends to both the client and the installation contractor.


A1 Rubber’s Hardcure formulations have been developed for extreme applications where a lower elasticity and firmer surface durability are required.

Luxafe® System

Luxafe® is the most user friendly and efficient wetpour rubber system to install on the market today. The use of EPDM rubber crumb in Luxafe® surfaces offers the best vibrancy and therefore a great looking surface every time. Combining this with Aero Shockpad underlays makes installations super efficient with predictable performance every time.

OneSafe® System

OneSafe® is the most user friendly and efficient wetpour rubber system to install on the market today. The use of CSBR rubber crumb in OneSafe® surfaces offers the best colour consistency and therefore a great looking surface every time. Combining this with Aero Shockpad underlays makes installations super efficient with predictable performance every time.


OPAL EPDM has characteristics of high elasticity and resilient performance. The pigments used in the OPAL EPDM compound were selected to provide a wide range of colours. Results for accelerated UV resistance are available on request.


The Plátile™ system utilises factory mass-produced tile components along with optional finishing edges and play equipment pole collars. Installation is fast and simple with minimal skills and tools required.


Get creative with playground designs, using a range of over 20 rubber animals and shapes. All Playform™ items are available in earthy colours: red, green and blue. Playform™ provides unparalleled playground safety, with low fall heights and great impact absorbing capability.


Polysolv lubricating solvent is specially designed to clean and lubricate metal, wood and plastic trowels for use during wetpour rubber surfacing applications. Polysolv is one of the most safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly solvents available on the market today and ideal for wetpour trowel lubrication and binder clean up.


The Procure formulation contains a complex structure of diisocyante and polyether polyols manufactured under an ISO9002 accreditation system. The binder has been specifically formulated to give the best elastic properties which are required for playground surfacing and the cure times are set for Australian conditions to minimise cracking risks during curing. It is suitable for use all year round.


Mixing rubber has never so easy with the new Rotatub. Designed and manufactured by A1 Rubber specifically to address traditional mixer problems, the Rotatub has answered the industry demand for a more professional mixer.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch provides an attractive, long lasting and virtually maintenance free covering for landscape and garden areas in any residential and commercial development. Rubber Mulch is made from 100% pre-coloured recycled rubber and it looks just like real wood splinters.


Rubberi is a DIY Wetpour kit available in both CSBR® or EPDM granules which includes binder and mixing tub. Specifically designed for easy repair of wetpour surfaces, tree surround, slippery slide pad, stair case base or simply to sample the rubber wetpour sufacing system. Rubberi contains 10kg of 1-4mm rubber granules + 2Ltr of Procure binder to produce 0.7-1 square metre of wetpour at 15mm thick.

Sika Sausage

Single component polyurethane adhesives for installations exposed to outdoor elements and over rough textured substrates.