Commercial, Fitness: Jazz® Flooring


Jazz® is an excellent rubber flooring product that effectively replaces its vinyl counterpart in all domestic and commercial applications. There are several attractive features that make Jazz® flooring unique and desirable.

  • Premium quality: Jazz® rubber flooring provides great comfort underfoot, absorbs walking noise and has remarkable non-slip properties due to its high coefficient of friction.
  • Color/Design: Available in a range of twelve standard colors, Jazz® is also created to offer an exclusive aesthetic appeal matching all your interior design expectations.
  • Variations: Varying with color preference, Jazz® products are made in compositions ranging from 100% synthetic to 100% recycled rubber (using recycled tyre and recycled cork). Thicknesses from 3mm to 8mm are also available to match your varied requirements.


    • Retail shop flooring
    • Walkways
    • Gym flooring
    • Dance Studio flooring
    • Yoga & Pilates Studios
    • Sports Centres
    • Office flooring
    • Schools & University flooring
    • Nightclub flooring
    • Rumpus Rooms
    • Pool & Spa Surrounds
    • Shower Rooms
    • Hospital flooring
    • Medical Clinics
    • Aged Care Facilities

Jazz® Composer

You can also customize your Jazz® product using a wide range of colors from our design palette. Click to create your own custom variant of Jazz® using colors of your choice.

Brief Specifications

Roll Width: 1.1m
Roll Length: All Jazz® flooring is only available in log quantities, see price list for log yeilds.
Thicknesses: 3.0-8.0mm
Slip Resistance: Wet Pendulum - Class V. Dry Pendulum - Class F. AS/NZ 4586:2004.

Adagio, Grandioso, Triad, Baroque, Fugue, Requiem, Cadenza, Stretto, Largo, Antiquecork, Partita, Mezzo
Material: EPDM, SBR
Composition: 100% EPDM or EPDM + SBR

Material: Polymerically bound recycled rubber and EPDM
Composition: 70% EPDM and 30% recycled rubber

Material: Polymerically bound recycled rubber and EPDM
Composition: 50% EPDM and 50% recycled rubber

Cadenza, Largo, Stretto
Material: Polymerically bound recycled rubber and EPDM
Composition: 25% EPDM and 75% recycled rubber

Partita, Mezzo
Material: Polymerically bound recycled rubber and EPDM
Composition: 10% EPDM and 90% recycled rubber

Material: Polymerically bound recycled rubber and recycled wine cork
Composition: 20% cork and 80% recycled rubber

* Specified roll lengths cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of raw materials used in manufacturing.

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