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Tough Love Install Jazz at Meeniyan

Date : 30-07-2014

The Nissan Navara Tough Love team are a group of tradies featured on the AFL Footy Show who visit communities in need, dedicating their time and skills to renovate clubs, schools and houses. One of the recent renovations has been the Meeniyan Dumbalk United Footy Club training room, where our A1 Rubber Jazz flooring has been supplied for the new floor.

Installation of the A1 Rubber Jazz flooring was co-ordinated by Rubber Tough. The new Jazz rubber flooring replaced old carpeted and tiled areas, which is used as a multi-function sports floor. The new rubber flooring not only provides a more durable and grippy alternative to the original carpet, but also a more hygienic environment with its non-porous and easy to clean nature.

The club members of the Meeniyan country footy club have expressed great gratitude to the Nissan Navara Tough Love team and Rubber Tough for supplying the new club flooring. They’ve said it is a huge improvement and the community response to the makeover has been overwhelming.

Installed by: Rubber Tough

Phone Number: 1800 060 072

Installation Address: Meeniyan Dumbalk United Footy Club