Environmental Statement

About A1 Rubber

A1 Rubber is lessening the impact on the environment, reducing landfill and producing more economically responsible products.

Using their state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, A1 Rubber uses stripped rubber from old tyres to form new Australian made rubber flooring products.

But it doesn’t end there, as those looking to redecorate or renovate in the future, can replace their rubber flooring with a new layout. Rubber floors can be uplifted and delivered to A1 Rubber and the team will recycle it into rubber acoustic underlay.

In addition to rubber, A1 Rubber also recycles other products. Materials such as wine corks can be shredded into granules to be used as a percentage of the rubber flooring and underlay products. A1 Rubber’s recycling initiative forms part of their business commitment to reduce landfill, reuse old tyre rubber and make recycled rubber products.

Their Brisbane-based head office and manufacturing facility is equipped with leading-edge technology, which ensures that all processing is to the highest standards. The result is a remarkable level of quality control and product consistency.

A1 Rubber operates as a wholesale manufacturer and through their experienced distributor network offer expert advice on the right type of rubber flooring for each application, including adhesives, finishing requirements and all on site installation technicalities.

A1 Rubber convert over 6000 Tonnes of recycled tyre rubber into various innovative flooring products per annum. They hold thousands of tonnes of raw materials and finished products ready for immediate manufacture and dispatch, employing over 30 staff at their Brisbane factory.

A1 Rubber is proud to be an Australian manufacturer competing on the world stage in recycled rubber product development, innovation, distribution and service. With the latest in the world-class recycled rubber manufacturing technology, A1 rubber is well positioned to continue to lessen the amount of waste being put into the environment an initiative you expect from the market leader.

A1 Rubber Meets 10 Key Environmental Criteria

1. Made from recycled raw materials in Australia.
A1 Rubber’s range of products are made from recycled tyres which are then manufactured with state-of-the-art machinery to create environmentally earth safe products. Recycling involves processing used materials into new products in order to prevent the waste of potentially harmful materials.

2. Products not hazardous to humans.
None of our recycled rubber products are dangerous or potentially harmful to human health or the environment.

3. Only safe raw materials used in manufacture.
A1 Rubber uses no solvents or toxic chemicals in the production of all our rubber products. Creating a safe environment to work in and a safe product to use.

4. All products have a long useful life and performance for their intended purpose.
A1 Rubber uses recycled rubber from tyres which is considered the most durable rubber available. Therefore products that are made with this material will ensure a long, durable life performance and is ideal for its intended use.

5. All products can be re-recycled back into other recycled rubber products indefinitely.
Once a product has reached the end of its life and is no longer of use for its application, it can be collected and re-recycled to be used in creating a new recycled rubber product. This cycle can be repeated indefinitely.

6. All product manufacturing waste is re-used.
During manufacturing any rubber which is cut off or stripped from a product during its production is then collected and re-shredded, to create new products. Ensuring that no rubber waste is being put back into the environment.

7. Technically easy to manufacture, use and re-recycle.
In simplicity our manufacturing process is seiving the rubber, moulding the processed and cleaned rubber into blocks or cylinders which are then sliced into products used for applications such as safety, non slip andnoise attenuation purposes. At the end of these products service life they can be returned to our factory to be re-shredded, graded, moulded and sliced again.

8. Good Safety Data Sheet information available on all products.
All of A1 Rubber’s products have Safety Data Information available either on our website (www.a1rubber.com) or by request.

9. All manufacturing is in accordance with Workplace Health & Safety requirements.
A1 Rubber understands the importance of Work Place Health and Safety rules and regulations. We have comprehensive systems and processes in place to ensure our staff are well trained and have access to the right equipment to do their jobs in a safe and reliable manner.

10. All manufacturing complies with local and state EPA requirements.
A1 Rubber are conscious of our local environment and therefore take great care in ensuring our workplace is clean and organised internally and externally. We also are very diligent in making sure that no manufacturing waste is washed into storm water drains or released into the surrounding environment.