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School Logo in Gezoflex EPDM

Date : 02-02-2018

Matt Stokes and his team of highly skilled installers at Plants Whitsunday recently installed a rubber wetpour surface for a school, prominently featuring their logo in the design.

The school wanted to resurface an existing concrete assembly area, and it was a requirement that their logo be displayed in the new surface. Instead of choosing other options such as mosaics or painted surfaces, the school loved the idea of using a wetpour rubber surface with its anti-slip properties, longevity and easy maintenance, along with the crisp, precise lines that Plants Whitsunday could provide in their installation techniques. Needless to say, the school was very happy with the product and the installation done by Plants Whitsunday.

Plants Whitsunday chose to install the rubber wetpour surface using Gezoflex EPDM granules and Nypol binder to accomodate for the high traffic thoroughfare and ensure that the colours were consistent regardless of sun exposure in our extreme UV Australian climate. They complimented the installation with seating and metal archways and lattices for creeper vines to grow up.

Installed by: Plants Whitsunday

Phone Number: (07) 49 461 258