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Virgin Active Choose A1 Rubber

Date : 01-08-2014

After trialling a refurbished area in the Frenches Forest Virgin Active gym and extensive sound and vibration testing, Virgin Active have made the decision to move forward with A1 Rubber products throughout over 800m² of the new Moore Park Virgin Active gym.

A1 Rubber are proud to be supplying over 45 tonnes of rubber flooring in the form of Olympact, AeroRoll, Aero Shockpads, Impact-Tiles and Jazz products for use throughout areas including free weights rooms, training rooms, strength and pinload areas. Virgin Active have chosen a combination of standard Jazz flooring colours, as well as a custom “Virgin Red” colour to suit their branding colours.

A combination of products are being used throughout various areas of the gym, to suit and combat vibration and impact noise. A combination of AeroRoll sports underlay with Jazz top surfacing are being used for general training areas, and combinations of Olympact and Jazz in various thicknesses are being used in free weights and pinloaded machine areas to endure the heavier use. In the heavy weight areas, up to 140mm of Olympact with Impact-Tile top surfacing are being use to combat the extreme vibration and impact, as well as a combination of Aero Shockpads and Impact-Tiles at the rock climbing wall to provide a unique slow rebound surface. Throughout the use of various products, A1 Rubber has met the unique needs of individual areas and uses.

With the future expansion and refurbishments of Virgin Active gyms throughout Australia, A1 Rubber looks forward to continuing to work with Virgin Active to deliver the highest standards and best results for their gyms.