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Western Australia’s Premier – Cable Beach Resort & Spa Addition

Date : 25-09-2017

The Hawaiian Groups Cable Beach Resort and Spa has a new addition to their waterpark adding to its suite of fun things to do at Western Australia’s premier resort.

International grade, premium quality waterpark surfacing was supplied by and in consultation with Australia’s A1 Rubber, applied with local themes and colours including whales, camels, amazing rising suns, water and greenery.

A1 Rubber’s Swiss made Traqua was client chosen due to its history of use in different Australian climates and its high resistance to the harsher NW conditions and UV.

The area was completely stripped of the old surface, prepared, cleaned down and the new fun and bright design applied with special attention applied to thickness, closing off the surface and join adhesion.

Numerous other products were appraised yet the Australian supplied Traqua product stood out to be the most tried and proven option for our harsh north-western country conditions.

Softfallguys took great depths in preparation and installation of the new waterpark surface and expects the fun theme and colours to be a huge drawcard to many thousands of excited feet and will stand up to the harsh annual cyclones and winds.

Congratulations and (Cable Beach Resort & Spa)

Installed by: Softfallguys

Phone Number: 0418 933 477

Installation Address: Cable Beach Resort & Spa, Broome, WA