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Recreational News

Western Australia’s Premier – Cable Beach Resort & Spa

Date : 01-02-2016

The Hawaiian Group owns many premier retail complexes, the Parmelia Hilton and one of Australia’s premier resorts the Cable Beach Resort and Spa.

Premium quality was required hence their selection of Softfallguys services and A1 Rubber EPDM products when completely renovating their resort play area of SBR product.

The design and planning incorporated elements of the Broome sun, sunsets, desert, beaches, horizons and indigenous regional colour flecks giving visitors from all over the planet a sense of outback Australia.

Numerous EPDM products were appraised to find there is a lot of EPDM loaded with cheap filler on offer and the A1 Rubber Opal rose to the top as the only Australian supplied product to be tried and proven in our harsh north-western country conditions.

Softfallguys have recently checked the surface to find the material and colours did not bleach white and have stood up to many thousands of excited feet, one cyclone and extremely harsh winds to date.

Congratulations Cable Beach Resort & Spa.

Installed by: Softfallguys

Phone Number: 0418 933 477

Installation Address: Cable Beach Resort & Spa, Broome, WA