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Recreational surfacing

What applications an Animat be used in?

Various applications in the equine industry such as horse floats, stables, walking areas, breeze ways, as well as many more in transport, training and livestock industries.

Do Impact-Tiles have a warranty?

Yes, Impact-Tiles come with a manufacturer’s 3 year warranty.

Can I install Impact-Tiles straight away?

No, Impact-Tiles should be scattered and left overnight to acclimatise to their new environment.

Do Impact-Tiles need gluing?

No, Impact-Tiles are heavy enough to be loose laid, however in extreme uses such as boxing or aerobics they should be adhered to the sub base.

Do Impact-Tiles smell?

No, Impact-Tiles are made from truck tyres which are made up of 50% natural rubber and 50% chemical this combination along with a MDI binder eliminates the VOCs. We have a VOC certificate to confirm this.

How long until my surface can be walked on?

24 hours minimum subject to weather and climate.

What colours are the best in the Australian climate?

Our CSBR range will give you the strongest UV resistance in our harsh Australian climate. The strongest colours are Red, Green and Terracotta.

I have an old surface that is spongy and falling apart in certain areas how can I fix this?

Please call one of our reputable installers to come and do an inspection as your surface may not comply with Australian standards.

What time of day is the best to lay wetpour?

The time of day is very dependent on the weather, you should leave enough time for your top surface to mostly cure to avoid the dropping of temperatures overnight.

Why is my surface yellowing?

When you have a wetpour surface installed the polyurethane used is an Aromatic Binder which creates a yellowing effect on all surfaces. The actual colour of the rubber does not change. The yellowing effect is most noticeable with blues and greys. The yellowing will burn off with UV exposure in around 2-6 months’ time.