Adhesives & Sealants: Megathane


Megathane is an aliphatic, moisture curing polyurethane, which when cured is extremely tough and hard wearing with excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and gloss. Megathane is used for coating roll out rubber flooring. It is designed principally for trade and professional use and is supplied ready to apply. Megathane contains a UV absorber that gives resistance to yellowing from sunlight.

  • Flexible and abrasion resistance
  • Ultra glossy
  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Resistance to yellowing


    Megathane is used for coating roll out rubber flooring for installations such as the following:

    • Office flooring
    • School & university flooring
    • Retail flooring
    • Medical flooring

Brief Specifications

Non Volatile Content: 40%
Viscosity: A-D
Colour: Clear
Available NCO: 3%
Specific Gravity: At 25°C: 0.98kg/L
Solvent: Xylene

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