Acoustic: AcoustaMat™


AcoustaMat™ is an innovative product that uses specially engineered recycled rubber underlays to meet the acoustical requirements of all common construction and installation methods. It can be used as excellent, eco-friendly and cost-effective underlay to timbers, ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring, carpets or floor lamination.

  • Unique sound impact attenuating properties
  • Limits floor to ceiling heights
  • Permanent resilient elasticity at a lower price
  • High temperature resistance
  • Premium Australian recycled rubber


    • High-rise units, multi-storey townhouses & homes
    • Under all timber flooring
    • Under vinyl
    • Under carpet
    • Under laminate
    • Under ceramics

Compliance with Building Code of Australia

AcoustaMat™ has been individually tested at the CSIRO Laboratory in Melbourne in accordance with the requirements of ISO 140-8 – Part 8: “Measurement for the reduction in transmitted impact noise by floor coverings on a standard floor. AcoustaMat™ complies with ISO 140-6 “Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and building elements – Part 6: Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of floors” All products were tested at the CSIRO which employed a 150mm concrete slab at the time of testing.

Brief Specifications

Material: Polymerically bound black recycled rubber, can include re-grind rubber
Appearance: Black, can have multi-coloured flecks
Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 10mm

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