Adhesives & Sealants: Sika


Single component polyurethane adhesives for installations exposed to outdoor elements and over rough textured substrates.

A1 Rubber provides and recommends Sikaflex 221b for use adhering tiled products, which comes in a 600mL sausage.

A1 Rubber provides and recommends Sikabond 58 for use adhering roll and tiled products, which comes in 16kg pails.

  • Long lasting elastic properties
  • Resistance to impact, shocks, vibrations and wear
  • Can be used on rough or textured surfaces
  • Appropriate for outdoor use


    It can be used in for adhering products in outdoor and rough applications like:

    • Platiles
    • AeroShockpads
    • Impact-Tiles
    • Olympact
    • AcoustaMat
    • Jazz
    • Duralast
    • Ecomat
    • Animat

Brief Specifications

Sikaflex 221b:
Colour: Black
Pack: 600mL sausage

Sikabond 58:
Pack: 16kg Pail

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