Recreational: Rubber Mulch


Rubber Mulch provides an attractive, long lasting and virtually maintenance free covering for landscape and garden areas in any residential and commercial development. Rubber Mulch is made from 100% pre-coloured recycled rubber and it looks just like real wood splinters.

Rubber Mulch is safe and helps conserve moisture in the soil around the roots of flowering plants and shrubs, significantly reducing water use. This combined with helping to find a use for used car tyres makes this product very environmentally friendly.

Rubber Mulch does not deteriorate from water absorption, decay, blow away or float away in heavy rain. Rubber Mulch reduces weed growth and allows water and nutrients to permeate but does not provide a medium for weed seeds or a food source for insects or termites.

Rubber Mulch is a vibrant fade resistant Brick Red colour and will retain its “wood” look year after year.


    • Landscaping
    • Garden Surrounds
    • Tree & Shrub Surrounds
    • Weed Prevention

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