Recreational: Rubberi


Rubberi is a first of its kind kit available in both CSBR® or EPDM granules for easy repair of wet-pour surfaces, tree surroundings, slippery slide pads, stair case base or to sample the rubber wetpour surfacing system.

  • Contains 10kg of 1-4mm rubber granules + 2Ltr of Procure binder to produce 0.7-1 square metre of wetpour at 15mm thick
  • Comes with a mixing tub
  • Available in CSBR®: black, red, terracotta, sand yellow, mid green, dark green, mid blue, purple and in OPAL EPDM: Scarlett Red*, Red Earth, Cashew, Ochre Gold, Green Apple, Rainforest Green, Rainbow Blue, Grape Purple*.


    • Pour 2l binder pail into granules in the bag
    • Mix well by kneading it
    • Pour out and trowel.
    • Dries overnight subject to humidity.


  • Playground Rubber Surfacing
  • Repair of wet pour surfaces
  • Tree surrounds
  • Walkways
  • Slippery Slide Pad
  • Stair Case Base
  • Sampling Wetpour Rubber Surfacing System

Brief Specifications

Granule Sizes: 1-4mm
Colour Fastness: See UV resistance documens

Colour: Honey/pale yellow

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