Recreational: Playform™


Playform™ brings you creative styles that improve the aesthetics of your playground surfaces with a wide range of rubber shapes including animal designs.

  • Standard earthy colors - red, green, blue
  • Better ground safety with low fall heights and great impact absorption.


    • Parks
    • School playgrounds
    • Wet play areas
    • Day care centers
    • Indoor/Outdoor Playground Design

Brief Specifications

Material: Polymerically bound recycled rubber
Density: 600kg/m³
Colours: Red, green, blue

Gentle Dolphin: 2.2m x 90cm x 46cm
Scary Crocodile: 2.2m x 90cm x 30cm
Nosey Platypus: 2.2m x 90cm x 25cm
Spike the Frilly Lizard: 2.2m x 90cm x 30cm
Slithery Snake: 2.2m x 90cm x 20cm
Very Slow Turtle: 1m x 70cm x 50cm
Little Frog: 75cm x 60cm x 60cm
Balance Log: 3m x 27cm x 50cm
Small Rock: 50cm dia x 30cm
Medium Rock: 50cm dia x 36cm
Large Rock: 50cm dia x 45cm
Small Half Sphere: 40cm dia x 20cm
Medium Half Sphere: 60cm dia x 30cm
Large Half Sphere: 80cm dia x 40cm

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