Recreational: Rotatub


Exclusively designed by A1 Rubber, Rotatub eliminates all your worries associated with mixing rubber. Being the most reliable, efficient and understandably popular mixer in the industry, Rotatub is sure to be loved by everyone who uses it.

  • Uses polyethylene blades with a self-cleaning configuration
  • Extra large sizes or variations for unique applications can be ordered if specially requested
  • 12 month warranty on any manufacturing trouble faced


    • Large commercial wetpour applications
    • Small rubber wetpour applications
    • Wetpour mixer for playground surfacing
    • Mixing rubber crumb for tree surrounds
    • Mixing rubber crumb or EPDM for safety surfacing

Brief Specifications

Rotatub 60
Option 1 Power Requirements: 240 volt 1.7Kw single phase
Option 2 Power Requirements: 110 volt 1.5Kw single phase
Dimensions: 900mm W x 1000mm L x 1100mm H
Weight: 140kg

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